Leticia Felgueroso

Leticia Felgueroso (Madrid, 1963) graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in the specialty of sculpture and photography.

In his photography we see the spaces that leave all the protagonism to the architectures observed from his particular prism. Mysterious worlds that blur the line between reality and chimera.

Artist passionate about photography. In Fine Arts he had to learn photography in class and since then he could not stop. She captures an image with the camera and then intervenes with the computer intuitively until she gets the image she seeks. His work is based mostly on a slow postproduction. It is usually working several photos simultaneously stopping sometimes to observe and make changes to the point that you see it finished. Digital photography allows you to put no limits on the images, what you can not achieve when making the photo you get with your computer.

Leticia Felgueroso is an experienced photographer who seeks light and color and with her touch-ups she gives a much more modern, new and suggestive look to her precious images.